Foundation is a thin layer cluster OS that rides on top of a computers native operating system. The layer provides an intergrated set of basic services and overall management and monitoring of the clustered local networked computer systems.  Currently Foundation works with Linux/Unix, Mac OS and Microsoft Windows 10 and 11.

Current Foundation functionality includes distributed job processing, directory/file transfers, individual and group monitoring and management, system backups and software upgrades.

Any computer system in a local computer network can be included a cluster.  They can be added and removed at any time.  Once added and started they are continually monitored .  All computer systems in the cluster are aware of the status of any other system in the cluster.  It is possible to have multiple clusters running in the same location.  Clustered computers can be manually removed from the cluster at any time without adversely affecting the operation of other clustered computers.

Foundation Components

Each Foundation computer system has 4 integrated, continuously running programs that provide Foundation’s services:

    • Local Administrator/Controller: All local and remote service requests are routed through this program.  It verifies and logs the requests.  It also performs some basic, on-demand system status requests.
    • File Manager: Manages all local directory/file requests in real-time, and all transfers between clustered computer systems.
    • Job System Manager: Manages all of the submitted jobs that are executed on the local system.  Jobs can be scheduled for immediate execution or one more executions in the future.
    • Network Communications Manager: Performs all communication services between cluster computer systems.  The communications includes service requests, service completion notices and the periodic providing of status.

 A Foundation Cluster can be managed through a standalone, command line administrator program that is installed on every clustered system.  A cluster can also be monitored and managed through a browser based program

A Foundation computer cluster can be monitored through a browser based program.