Amblit Easy Navigator™

Amblit Easy Navigator helps you organize access to your programs, files, web sites, individual web pages and personal notes the way you want. Use the Easy Navigator to

  • Manage your programs and file shortcuts
  • Manage your web page bookmarks
  • Manage your notes and information snippets
  • Organize your information into meaningful hierarchical containers.

Amblit Easy Navigator gives you a centralized control center where you can quickly and efficiently

  • Access key programs, files and web pages,
  • Organize your information and short-cuts into working projects with easier methods; and
  • Share your information with other users anywhere in the world.

If you are accessing more than 5 different web sites, or using more than 5 programs each day, Amblit Easy Navigator will save you time and aggravation.

What Do You Organize?

Use the Amblit Easy Navigator Window to categorize your text files, to-do lists, file name links, links to program files, webpage links, and even pictures and movies.

Create a high level container, give it a project name, and start dropping project related information into it. For each type of information or data, Easy Navigator creates the proper icon. You name the icon. You can move and copy these icons around from one container to another. You have total flexibility in organizing your information.

When you double click on an entry in the Navigator Window, the file, web page or information note is opened in a new window on your desktop.

One container can be used to provide fast access to all of your key programs. You no longer have to keep seperate internet bookmark lists and file/program shortcuts. Another container can be used to keep your current to-do list in priority order and with any special notes and/or instructions.

Main Navigation Window

What Will You Get Out of Easy Navigator?

Amblit Easy Navigator will save you time, help you organize your life, and help reduce stress. You don’t have to be a computer jockey.

Drag & Drop

It’s easy! Just drag and drop any type of information, file, text, program, bookmark, into the Navigator Window from any drag-enabled program.

Amblit Easy Navigator automatically creates a new container entry at your drop point with the appropriate program/file icon. Easy Navigator also lets you name the entry and provide any other special annotation. When you drag a URL into the Navigator window, it creates an Internet bookmark entry. When you drag a file or program, Easy Navigator creates a shortcut to that file or program. When you double click on a Navigator window entry, the file or web page opens in a new window on your desktop.

You can also save formatted and unformatted text fragments simply by dragging and dropping them in the Navigator window. Figure 2 to the right shows a formatted note.

Rich Note Window Example

Pricing & Availability

Amblit Easy Navigator™ is the first in a series of easy priced, personal productivity tools. You may purchase it on this web site for only $19.95 USD.

If you’d like to try it for 30-days, you can also download from this web site a fully enabled version.

The product is also available from a few select partners.

System Requirements

Windows XP, 2000, NT4, ME, 98
Internet connection: Optional (Required for automatic program registration

Some Reviews

  “Many uses for this great product”

29-Jul-2005 01:50:34 PM
Review from C|Net
Reviewer: tevnletters

Pros: I love Amblit Easy Navigator for organizing information. You can research a topic and save the links in ?containers? along with note files. Lay it out like an outline, rearranging freely with the arrows, and a research paper nearly writes itself. I really like the full search capability too because sometimes I can?t remember what I filed something under. I also used it to clean up my desktop, which was so cluttered with shortcuts that my machine took forever to boot up. The preloaded ?Internet Bookmarks? container comes with some useful links and makes me think that AEN could also be very useful for the non-computer savvy, young, old, and everything in-between. At work it’s a useful tool for organizing shortcuts to programs and documentation, which reduces training.

Cons: Haven’t found it yet.

“Great Program! It saves me lots of time!”

09-Jul-2005 06:58:15 PM
Review from C|Net
Reviewer: footfall99

Pros: This is simply the best program I have found. It saves me lots of time when I am doing my daily computer activities, like checking my email, checking my calendar, checking the news, checking the weather, etc. The program is set up much like an AIM, “Aol Instant Messenger”, window with the utilities of the start menu. You can create your own categories and sub-categories while being able to drag and drop program shortcuts right onto your own customizable list. You are also able to drag and drop urls to make your own bookmarks on the same list. So if you have a daily routine you can make it right there on the bar. I recommend this product to anyone who uses their computer for multiple purposes.