Amblit Navigator™ was the next generation information and internet browser and content manager back in the early 2000’s.  With a simple, robust interface, notes, documents files and programs can be logically linked and fully searched. Through its Semantic Agent, Amblit Navigator understood thousands of English sentences for those preferring natural language interactions. Or, if you preferred, point and click, getting simple guidance for complex requests. Responses could be displayed or spoken, or even saved to a PDA. The environment could be individually personalized to meet daily needs.  Click here for an early description of the commercial product.

Each request was processed as shown in adjacent process flow diagram.  There were six (6) steps  invovled in each request.  The user submits a request via voice, keyboard or interactive screen.  Navigator receives and echos the request and submits the request for analysis.  The user’s personalized semantic agent takes the request, interprets it, determines how to satisfy and then makes the appropriate processing submissions needed to satisfy the request.  A remote shared applet manager determines when and how to process the various requests.  Individual service applets process the various requests either by retrieving information from the internet, shared server and/or database.  Some requests involve saving and/or scheduling something.  Any/all of the processing results are bundled together and sent back to the device through which the user submitted the request.  Depending on that device, the response(s) could be spoken, written and/or saved for future reference.

The following diagram shows the various Amblit Navigator system environment with its various components and interconnections.