Consumer Products

Whether you’d like to improve your overall productivity, decrease the amount of time you spend with your computer, or make your computer a more powerful assistant to you, one or more of our consumer products may be what you are looking for. All of our products will make your experience more enjoyable and valuable. To help you with your purchasing decisions, in addition to online feature descriptions, screen shots and demonstration videos, all of our consumer products are available for a full featured, thirty (30) day trial. The following is a brief description of our current product lineup.

Amblit Easy Navigator™ is an inexpensive, easy-to-use tool that helps you organize access to your programs, files, web sites, individual web pages and personal notes the way you want. Through a simple point and click, drag and drop interface easily access and manage the access to all of your important computer, network and internet based information.

If you are using more than 5 programs and/or accessing more than 5 web sites each day, Amblit Easy Navigator will save you time and aggravation.

If you need an quick and easy way to organize your thoughts, activities and/or notes, Amblit Easy Navigator provides you with the means.

Amblit Navigator is an intelligent semantic browser. It is the next generation information and Internet browser with an intelligent semantic agent and an integrated content manager. Through its simple, robust interface, you can get information faster, easier and more securely with