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Amblit Technologies Privacy Policy

Personal Information

From time to time, Amblit Technologies (Amblit) may collect information from you in order to fulfill an order, to provide better information to you, or to enable you to participate in a special program. If you choose not to provide the appropriate personal information, we may not be able to properly fulfill your request. If you do provide the information, we will use that information in a responsible fashion. Our policy is not to share your personal information with other companies or organizations.

Amblit Technologies Product Users

From time to time, Amblit develops profiles of our user population and the services that they utilize. Amblit will use some of your profile information to help us provide you with better, more timely services. We will use that personal information only in aggregate form. For example, we may determine that there are 1500 users that live in Pleasantville and 50% of them use the News Service daily. Based upon that information, we may then solicit a third party to develop a local news source for those users.
It is also Amblit’s policy to obtain a user’s consent to directly use his personal information. For example, while a user may have directed Amblit Navigator to hold his credit card information in a secure location, Amblit Navigator and all of its associated programs will not use that card or its information unless the user specifically directs Amblit Navigator to use it.

Finally, Amblit does not commingle user information. Each user’s information is held in separate, secure locations. Amblit utilizes a multi-level security system making it extremely difficult and cost prohibitive to find and obtain the information. Our systems have been built with your personal security in mind.

If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, please contact support.

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