Our History

In the beginning…

Amblit Technologies developed next generation productivity tools and programs for consumers, web developers and enterprise software architects using state-of-the-art man-machine interfaces and the latest in intelligent multi-agent software technologies.

The early web site demonstrated some of these state-of-the-art technologies and product solutions, and provides a forum for technical discussions. In addition, some of the Amblit products may be purchased through this site.

Amblit’s products and technologies in the beginning were divided into three categories. Consumer Products and technologies were targeted at the general, beginning or expert computer user. These users operated individually or in small groups. Web Products and technologies were targeted at the web designer/developer and were intended to make web sites richer and more interactive for the general web site visitor. Enterprise Products and technologies were targeted at the enterprise software architect/developer were intended to substantially reduce the cost of large, complex system development, and greatly increase the re-use of existing software between disparate applications.

Amblit’s Intelligent Multi-Agent System™(IMAS)

At the end of 2003 Amblit pulled together various technical components that it developed into the Intelligent Multi-Agent System™ and pitched it for several different military proposals.  One was for remotely piloted drones and their other for remotely piloted boats. The system was focussed on solving the problem of constructing tomorrow’s communications, command, control and intelligence (C3I) applications with unknown technology and undefined components quickly, cheaply and reliably with a life span measured in decades.  Amblit had solved the command and control aspects of the problem.  It could quickly provide the software for intelligent integration, command and communications via voice or computer for any collection of components.  While Amblit was recognized for the work, Amblit never won any of the contracts simply due to size and no-name military contract partner…