Current Focus

The Category section on the right summarizes the areas that we are actively working in and includes a count of the recent postings.  Those areas are in alphabetical order:

    • Artificial Assistants: Computer based, semi-intelligent virtual beings that perform specific preassigned tasks on request or on a routine basis;
    • Artificial Learning: Collecting information, organizing it in a sensible fashion, and learning how to apply it at the appropriate time
    • Foundation (Cluster OS): A thin layer cluster operating system that provides common, easy to access services across disparate computer architectures;
    • Othter Projects: Specific projects to develop the service programs and API’s that the Artificial Assistants need to complete their assigned tasks; and
    • Robot STEM Kits: Amblit is reviewing the current collection of commercial STEM kits that are available for children and adults with the goal of both finding and impoving them for each age group.

While this project groups may seem like an eclectic collection of projects, they are all intimately related to each other and aimed at a common set of objectives:

    • Creating a self-sufficient virtual staff whose purpose is to make sufficient revenue for itself and its developers;
    • Enable the developers to continue to explore new technologies and their successful applications; while
    • Making the world a better place to live.