Amblit Navigator™

Amblit Navigator™ is the next generation information and internet browser and content manager. With a simple, robust interface, notes, documents files and programs can be logically linked and fully searched. Through its Semantic Agent, Amblit Navigator understands thousands of English sentences for those preferring natural language interactions. Or, if you prefer, point and click, getting simple guidance for complex requests. Responses can be displayed or spoken, or even saved to your PDA. Personalize your environment to meet to your daily needs.

What does Amblit Navigator do?

– Finds information
– Answers questions
– Learns and performs key and routine tasks
– Remembers information and its source
– Manages personal communication
– Assists in information sharing
– Operates 24 x 7

What is the benefit to you?

– Provides better and faster access to local and internet based information
– Improves personal productivity
– Humanizes your computer environment
– Improves your personal decision making abilities.

You do not need to remember where things are, or how to access them. Simply ask or click for the desired information. Want the current weather, enter “weather” and within 3 seconds, you will have your local weather conditions and forecast.

Intelligent Personal Agent

Amblit Navigator includes a personal assistant or agent, which you can both command and teach what you want and when you want it. You do not need to remember where things are, or how to access them. Simply ask, and your agent will work with the appropriate services and service providers to complete your request.

Amblit Navigator Main Screen

Click, Speak, Type

Amblit Navigator understands spoken and written English, recognizing thousands of sentences. Or, point and click to get simple guidance for your complex requests. Amblit Navigator’s responses are displayed or spoken, and can optionally be saved to your PDA for later reference. Amblit Navigator works with your existing programs, documents and computer files.

Currently, there are 7 service categories with more than 50+ services that are available to you.

Information & Content Management

Amblit Navigator has a simple, but powerful information and content management system. You can drag and drop information into the content management window and automatically create and hierarchically store information notes, personal agent requests and commands, file and program shortcuts, and bookmarks to your favorite web pages. Simply clicking on an entry will either start your favorite program, open a series of personal notes, prepare your current Excel spreadsheet, initiate an agent request or open those hard to find web pages.

See how simple…

Whether you are a sales person needing company and customer information, a business traveler needing concierge assistance, or a family needing to find something fun to do, Amblit Navigator has something for you.  Click here for some sample interactions.