Amblit Technologies is developing a small team of artificial assistants/agents with defined roles that will manage certain company operations. These defined roles include specific recurring tasks, monitoring various operations and the ability to escalate issues when  detected. By working together to solve these issues, the assistants help keep operations running smoothly.  Currently company opeations is their exclusive focus as opposed to sales and customer service operations.  We will add new assistants in the fure to help with these functions too.

Our assistants are in various stages of development and include in alphabectical order:

  • Amy is a personal assistant who helps with scheduling and communications.
  • Annie assists with system and data programming.
  • Bernie monitors several different stock portfolios and the overall market in general.
  • Jenny is our Robot STEM Kit Cooridinator who assists in the acquisition, assembly and testing of purchased commercial kits.
  • Lisa works on knowledge acquisition and the understanding of the relationships between language, information, activities and events.  “What is hot and what is not.
  • Nancy assists with our executive coaching activities.
  • Peter tracks our projects and activities on a daily basis.
  • Tom as an apprentice IT specialist monitors and keeps running our various computer, storage and network systems that supports our artfifical assistants.