Amblit Navigator Sample Interactions

Ask your personal assistant (i.e., Amblit Navigator):

Please get the weather

A five day forecast for your home area, or a city you specify is presented

get a map of 100 Main St, San Fracnisco, CA

A map is shown in a popup window

stock quote for ibm

Current stock information is fetched thru the Internet and presented


Through an interactive dialog which learns where and when you’d like to see a movie, a list of movies by theater, location and start times is presented

get phone number

Through an interactive dialog a phone number is looked up in your Outlook address book, residential white pages, business pages and/or yellow pages.

get a business overview of GE

A general overview of GE is provided that includes its primary business lines with key officers, financials, subsidiaries, competitors and more.

What is the stock symbol for Sun

A list of companies with Sun in their name is presented with stock symbols.

copy news stories 1 3 7 to my pda

Specific news articles from a previously fetched list can be automatically be loaded into your PDA.

The requests can be in complete sentences (i.e., Please get me a list of today’s schedule meetings) or short commands (i.e., List today’s meetings).  These requests can be verbally entered or typed through the keyboard.

A complete record of all request and response is maintained.